Monday, April 30, 2007


Ah! Lovely Monday! I can't remember the last Monday I had off, I think I kindof like it.

I had every intention of getting up at 5 to check out the 5:30 swim aerobics class at the gym, but I juuuuuuuuussst couldn't peel my butt out of bed. In fact, I really didn't get out of bed to help the critters get ready this am; in my slug-ness I decided to let them tough it out on their own... and guess what? They didn't die or kill each other-- they ate, and Jacob even remembered his backpack! Wonder of all wonders...
And, if only to prove a point, I slept until 9:30, providing me with a none too subtle message that I am not a good candidate for a 5:30 swim class.

Our motorcycle trip was fantastic: we stopped at my parent's to say hello, and my sister's to drop off a gift for my niece. And then we "scooped the loop" in Kenosha with all the gang bangers in their pimped out cars, feeling like super-hot stuff on our Bavarian- and Itatian-made motorbikes amongst all the Harleys. We had the good fortune to score a curbside table at Villa D'Carlos and had an amazing time people watching while eating the world's best pizza (IMHO)-- there really is a great deal of wealth to be seen in Kenosha, altho not much of what we saw appeared to be gained in a *legal* fashion, cough cough (Sopranos, anyone?).
Then, to top off the perfect Kenosha excursion, we stopped at Caleo's and ate gelato until everyone felt a little nauteous.
The kids are at an age where they have to be dragged along on any trip that involves the whole family, but they eventually lighten up and have a great time, in spite of themselves. Grace did a bit more whining during the trip than I appreciated, considering her parents were taking her on a MOTORCYCLE trip, complete with pizza and gelato, but we're all kind of used to it. We've grown to realize that adolescence is painful for all parties within a 20 foot radius...

After I dragged my butt out of bed this morning, I looked out the front window to see that the crab tree had started to bloom! Yay! It's really the pivotal event I wait for all dreary winter long, that signals that spring is well established and the gardens are ready to pop. It's gorgeous! The blooms haven't opened completely, and clearly the neighbor's bees haven't discovered it yet: Typically, once the bees arrive, you can practically hear the tree humming from inside the house.
I had every intention of capturing the moment on film, and thought of it frequently as I rushed to get the am chores done. And sure enough, as if I willed it into existence by my fear, the sky started to get dark, and rumblings could be heard far off in the distance.
So in a fit of ridiculousness I ran outside in my pajamas with my camera, and tried to capture the blooms before they get washed away in the rain. Sure enough, it sounds like it's supposed to storm most of the week, just long enough for the flowers to open completely and start their transformation into crabapples.
It's a really hard tree to capture on film; no amount of positioning can translate how beautiful the blooms are; some deep pink, others white, most a spectrum in between. And the bees! I can't wait for the bees to come, so I can stand under the canopy and feel their mass vibration.

On a completely unrelated note, I have a job interview today-- wish me luck!

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