Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Ug! I have a stolen afternoon off, as I got sent home from work early due to low census-- and all I want to do is NAP. Not like I really *need* to, I just *want* to! I have about 50 other things of importance I could be doing, such as getting the 300+ bulbs out of the basement and getting them in pots, but I DON' WANNA!
I can usually expect the planting bug to hit one of these nice Spring days, when out of the blue I have an uncontrollable urge to get the planting done, but it hasn't arrived yet, and my body thinks it's "nappy time", nappynappynappy.

I COULD go to the dreaded WalMart and pick up a lovely lawn chair so I can lounge outside while I nap, dreaming fitfully about all the things I should be doing... sounds like a plan.

I picked up the most AMAZING lounge-type chair today, and even managed to resist the evil wiles of the WalMart. It's very comfy; I tried just about every lounger at the Menard's. Unfortunately, the sheer motivation it took to get me to the store jump started me to begin my actual "work", so no lounging ever occurred.
I managed to weed most of the gardens (and used a smidgen of Round Up, much to my shame. Some clover got into the gardens and that stuff can't be pulled for nothing!)
The strawberry patch is starting to pop out blossoms, and they are ENORMOUS! I can't wait to see what those monster berries look like. I heard that strawberries like water, and considering their plot is practically bog-like, they should produce nicely. Strawberry margaritas, anyone?
I got a few more packets of poppy seeds and planted them in the north prairie. I opened up the grass to expose the soil, and sure enough, the flax is there, making its way into the soil.
The prairies are going to be breathtaking... everywhere I look I can see native prairie plants (well, except for the poppies, I think. But who could resist a field of poppies? Not me.) that I have planted, one by one, over the years we've been here. I think it's one of my proudest accomplishments.

Jake and I sat on the front porch this evening as the sun was setting behind us, and the full moon was starting to rise behind a thin veil of clouds. A small bat was circling overhead, and the crickets and frogs were singing in the marsh across the way.
In front of us, in an ethereal mass, was the canopy of blooms from the crabapple tree, and we were surrounded on both sides by spring flowers in the gardens. Lovely...

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