Saturday, May 12, 2007


I've been having kindof a blah week, followed by a completely blah Friday; things are awesome, couldn't be better-- but I still feel... blah. Maybe the strawberry margarita I'm drinking right now will help.

The lilacs opened fully this week, they look and smell intoxicating (we have about 10+ ginormous bushes throughout the property)
I'd say the tulips are done, sadly. They looked so beautiful.
Jake and I picked up some plants this afternoon, and I rushed to get them in the ground:
A yellow pear tomato plant, a jalepeno plant, a roma tomato and cherry tomato plant, a grouping of poppies, 2 scabiosas (one blue and one pink), a delphinium, and a rosemary plant. The rosemary probably isn't hardy, so I planted it in the west garden by the house and I'll hope for the best-- maybe it'll make it thru the winter if it's close to the house.
The west garden is jam-packed and will probably need to be divided as early as this fall/next spring, but how cool is that? I guess I'll just have to dig another garden somewhere...
I'm hoping to get the patio blocks placed around the chicken coop, and level out the blocks around the west garden; maybe I'll get started on that tomorow, esp of the weather's supposed to be colder. I'll be very glad to get the small butterfly garden dug up and relocated to the chicken coop, so I'll have a spot to put all the seedlings that have sprouted in the front garden (those that don't get put in the prairie. And WOW! I can't believe how many seedlings are coming up in the prairie!! There are clearly spots that are going to need to be hand planted, but the areas that already have plants thriving are going to be doubly stuffed with flowers. I absolutely can NOT wait for the flowers to bloom.) Plus, it'll be nice to have another kitchen garden spot.

I think I'm also a little blue 'cause I'm sick to death of my husband working six 9 hour days/week, and then helping out at church on Sundays.... I think it's crap. I'm so resentful of those nice Christian people I don't even know that I can barely walk through those doors without sneering at them... and it's not even their fault.
I'm working a ton, too-- and for what? So Gracy pants can be an expensive brat? She's been a stinker all week-- if I hear the words "shut up, mom!" one more time, I'm gonna pop her one, right in the kisser! (no, I really won't. But I really *will* be fantasizing about it.)

Plus, I need a vacation in the worst possible way-- and I am SO not talking about some camping excursion with ticks. I want an all inclusive trip to a resort somewhere, with cocktails and massages-- maybe another cruise. Why o why do I have to work so hard and then live like a pauper? Because I'm a dumbass, that's why.

I *DID* get a couple cute shirts in the mail today: I especially like the "will knit for tattoos" one:
Not that I *really* would knit for tattoos, but it's fun to put that out there (even if it's not true. That must make me a poseur tattoo chick. Or something.). Since my knitting is not so great, the best I could expect would probably be an amateurish: "I heart mom" or something really uncool like that.

This comic makes me feel better, on some deeply seated level:

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