Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chicken Coop Garden

Jake and I busted our backs today getting the chicken coop garden wall in place, and I know what you're thinking... "sure, you're not even in a single photo. It looks like your poor husband is doing all the work." And yes, I'd have to agree with you... he's a much better shoveler than I am, and anyway, who would take the pictures, I ask you?
Naaaah, just kidding. I helped out plenty. My job was mainly to haul the 124 patio blocks, 7 at a time, from the driveway to the coop via wheelbarrow.... ooh, my aching back! But it's a good ache. It's amazing what you can get done in one day, especially considering how long I've wanted to get this project done.
My next step is to get a load of topsoil dumped into the garden, hopefully sometime next week, and then dig up all the plants from the butterfly garden and the seedlings from the front gardens and get them planted... and then get my spot ready for another little kitchen garden.
The reason for all the effort is because the garden is usually under 3-12 inches of water all spring, and all the plants I put in are in various states of decomposition. Hopefully, putting in a raised garden will ensure the survival of the garden. I'm leaving the strawberry plants on the west side of the garden at swamp level; they seem to really like the dampness, and are covered with blossoms... it's hard to believe that the entire patch was started with 5 sickly little plants. It must be the combination of the water and the worm castings... I'm going to have to expand the patch after the berries are done and the plants start to spread again. Fun!
No more blahs for me! I am sore, and filthy, and smelly, and completely satisfied.
What a fantastic spring day!

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