Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Auntie Cyndi

My sister told me a couple days ago that she wants me to be her baby daughter's God Mother!!!

How cool is that? Carlylin is the cutest baby this side of the Mississippi, always happy, always smiling... but it does lead one to ask: how on Earth did Cathy end up with such a good little baby?
Because life is not fair, that's why (tee hee). Cathy also has a fantastically sweet teenie weenie at home, Crystina, who gets good grades and attends public school and is an all around great kid. Why, oh why? So completely unfair... I would hold deep grudges and sneer at them at family functions if Cathy wasn't the only one of my 3 sisters who does a fairly good job of putting up with me, god bless her.

Now, how to tell Cathy that I've fallen off the religion wagon, that my Holy Roller days have taken a sabbatical?
Considering she's one of the 2 whole people who read my blog, I guess I can consider her informed.
Veggie Tales, anyone?

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