Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Customer Service

Finally, when I turned on my camera today, it gave me an error messge for a fleeting moment; it doesn't give you the message each time, just every so often when you try to turn it on. "Lens Error 527-12".
After speaking with the customer service staff at HP, they determined that my camera is irreparably broken due to a fault with the hardware, and they are sending me a BRAND, SPANKING NEW CAMERA, *FREE* of charge!!!!!

Now THAT, my friends, is customer service!

p.s.... my goodfriend Tracey sits on the business committee of a church in Waterford that is selecting a company to do extensive landscaping of their property. Apparently "anonymous company which shall remain nameless" was #1 in the running; but no more. After viewing the photos of the damage to our property, and learning of their poor customer service, she's contacting the board to make sure they choose another landscaper.
Whachaaaaa! Score one for the little guy!

UPDATE, 5/23:
My complaint with the BBB was reviewed, and I'm eagerly awaiting a response from the Landscaping Company (Which Will Remain Nameless):
If the company makes an 11th hour decision to refund my money, I'll be the first one to let everyone know that they were cads, but made good in the end, which will put an end my incessant whining.
Here's hoping this nasty ordeal can be resolved, and I won't lose any more faith in humankind...

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