Thursday, May 24, 2007

How Do You Know it's Going to Be a Good Day?

It's only 9 am and you already need a shower.

I went outside early this morning to let the puppy out and was shocked to find that the pile is no more. I'm sure it was completely frightening looking, as I was dressed in an odd, early morning concoction of a nightgown, pyjama bottoms, and a sweatshirt, but I was freely and unabashedly doing the happy dance. I sure hope the nuns weren't looking...

UPDATE: (11:22 am)
Now that the pile is gone, I was able to rake all the remaining dirt off the grass so it doesn't die. It feels spectacular to be done with the awful mess; I can't wait until the grass seed gets broadcast and starts to grow, so all evidence of this fiasco are erased.
Man, am I filthy...

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