Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today, in the garden, I:
Planted a Japanese Eggplant, planted more spinach, sno peas, and beets, and finally got around to putting in some basil in the kitchen garden. The salad greens have been phenomenal, I wish I had planted more sooner. I'm guessing we'll run out before the next crop is ready.
I also planted a lavender, some Greek oregano (the stuff I already have is ornamental, and doesn't taste too great), and transplanted the purple sage into the coop garden. There are a lot of herbs in that garden, which is a nice complement to the chicas (a little chives and sage with those eggs? Yum!) Everything in the coop garden looks ok, not too bad in the way of transplant shock. I'm surprised how formal I went with the row of hostas vs the random chaos of most of my gardens; I guess the formal look of the brick inspired me.

Rain! It's raining for the first time in a while-- how cool is that? I'm sick to death of watering the grass, altho I'm thrilled to report that I've seen the first tiny sprouts of grass poking up in the first area we seeded-- the other areas should be along in a day or so (and the soaker will help!).

I finally worked up the gumption to empty out the composted side of the worm bin; I've been putting that job off for some time now... nasty! I scooped a large 5 gallon bucket out of there, diluted it to a mixture of 1 part compost, 4 parts water, and then poured the slurry onto all the plants I could find-- there's even some left, maybe I'll give it to Jake to put on his veggie garden (I think we've entered into an unspoken competition about who tends the best garden, as if there was ever any question... I've given him some of my very best tips, so it's not like I'm being unsportsmanlike or anything). Putting the mixture into the watering can was a bust, even with the spigot removed, as the worms and undigested peanut shells, egg shells, etc, eventually clogged the spout and I kept having to dig out these nasty wads o gunk with my fingers and shake the can... eventually, I splashed worm goo all over myself, which isn't nearly as geeb-ish as when I got some of the chicken coop compost in my mouth the other day. Now there's a flavor that'll stick with you all day!
The rain will do wonders for the strawberries, too-- they are 99.9% close to being ready; we picked a couple to eat this am, and they were big, beautiful, and SOUR. Obviously, they aren't ready quite yet.
I purchased 2 azaleas on the clearance rack today, but I'd like to get some input first as to where in the shade garden to put them... they don't look like they'd transplant well if I ever had to move them, so I'd like to get it right the first time.
So fantastically awesome to be off today! I even got a good portion of the house cleaned, some marketing done, and now that it's raining, I'm all set to organize the kid's school/memory boxes, which I've been putting off for over a year now (you know, all the keep-able artwork, school papers, report cards that sit in a pile until you file it officially or with guilt into the circular file. Don't know what the kids will do with all this stuff when they're grown, but hopefully they'll know that I was crazy enough about them to organize their stuff).
Salmon for dinner tonight! Happy times...
UPDATE, 10:47 pm:
Dinner was nice; I oven roasted a yellow squash, a zucchini, a vidalia onion, some chopped garlic, and some sliced grape tomatoes seasoned with Montreal Steak Seasoning and olive oil at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes, and tossed the veggies with some hot soba noodles, served with baked salmon. Tasty!

I can't believe it, but I finally got my Bluestone Perennial order placed:

I have been ordering from this company for years, and you just can't beat them for customer service, price, and selection. Ordering at home with a beautifully illustrated internet catalog with complete plant information is much more pleasant that searching the picked over plants at the Home Depot, that's for sure! Their deadline was midnight TONIGHT for spring orders-- that'll put the heat on! I got a couple clematis, some columbine, monarda, and yarrow. Not like I need anything... I'm not even sure where I'll put the new plants, but that's usually how I end up digging new gardens.
Jake and I were hanging out at dusk as the mist was rising thickly off the grass, making everything seem more mystical... the 2 dogs and the cat were all hanging out near the chicken coop with the chicken girls and babies, all checking out the vole Charlie Cat brought home. Idyllic. I love how all our critters are in relationship with one another. We have a very special place, every inch a living image of who we are. We are truly blessed...

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