Friday, June 1, 2007

End of a Saga?

We had a fantastic thunderstorm tonight, complete with high winds and lightening; I can't wait to see the plants tomorrow, and see if they've greened up with the discharge of nitrogen into the atmosphere.
I heard back from the landscapers yesterday, and they aren't planning on offering any compensation for the damage to our property or for the poor quality topsoil; pfft!
I'm guessing , from a legal standpoint (my dad was an attorney, Assistant DA to be precise, and the law has always fascinated me), the Landscapers realize that:
a) if they compensate me for the cost of the soil, they are beholden to compensate all the other customers who received the soil as well, and
b) if they refund my money, it may be considered an admission of guilt, which would open them up for further liability for the repair of our lawn.

One of our Doc's wife is an attorney, and I will be consulting with her if the Landscapers give me any further grief about the photos and description of the damage from my other blog-- I have to say, though, what a Pandora's box they would open, if they decided to pursue legal action!
Once the media got hold of the story (I have friends in the media as well), all the elderly and professional folks who would be far more disinclined/unable to go to the trouble to fix their properties would be *horrified* to find out that a company did this to unsuspecting people, and had no intention of fixing it. Everyone who has seen the photos has been APPALLED, almost to a surprising degree, at the damage and the company's response; I wonder what the public at large would think?
Reasonable amount of damage for one small load of dirt? I think not. But he incredible contentment I would feel at telling the news media about how the driver was instructed to turn around on the driveway, and he still chose to wreck our lawn, knowing full well, according to the owner, the damage he would cause-- and the company insists I told him to do it! Ah yes, I enjoy little more than having to stress and toil like a dog for two weeks to fix the ruts, as if I have nothing better to do. Would the driver have pulled that trick with an elderly woman, who would not have had any ability or resources to fix the damage? After this experience, I certainly hope not. The report with the Better Business Bureau will stand, and I hope beyond all hope that people will check with them before hiring ANY company to do work for them; I know with absolute certainty that I will.

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