Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Last Day at Work:

So here I am, my last day working (to my knowledge) the job I was pondering leaving the other day-- things move fast 'round here, you really have to pay attention!

Nothing makes me feel naughtier than blogging at work, as if I had something better to do at the moment... there's a gaggle of nurses hiding in a corner having a bitch fest about their co-workers right now, burning their own time, so I don't feel too bad.

So I'm all set to be broke, and since I scarfed a cinnamon bar, a muffin, 1/2 brownie and 1/2 doughnut throughout the day (I can hardly believe it myself!) I'm prepared to be obese as well. Good thing I'm going to the gym today; here's hoping I can burn some of those calories. I could probably skip dinner, too, and be none the worse for it.
Get this: I can blog while I'm here-- but I can't read the blog; it's blocked. How goofy is that?
More later:

OK, it's Later, 9:03 PM:
I did that stupid pet owner thing tonight, you know that thing where you step in a fresh pile of dog poop and then track it all through the house? I could have slapped myself. I scrubbed the poop-tracks and then furiously tried to get the doo out of the crevices in my shoe so I wouldn't make Jacob late for swim class. The bad thing was that I could smell the poo the whole time I was exercising; I kept looking, saw nothing, but could still smell it. Maybe it was a "phantom" poo smell from guilt at wearing poop shoes to the gym. Nas-tay~! They're the only shoes I have, tho, that don't make my feet numb when I do the elliptical...
Speaking of stupid dog tricks, obviously Gracy pants wasn't, ahem, watching the dog too carefully when she tied poor Molly outside this afternoon. When I got home from work, Molly had apparently knocked a potted tree over, leaving a huge dirt mess all over the patio (Grace claims she "cleaned it as best she could!", god help us all...), jumped up on the picnic table, destroying the new potted succulents I just bought, and somehow ripped a whole branch off my new, expensive Japanese maple tree I planted the other day.
All this mess so Grace could be fondled by her boyfriend, undisturbed by a puppy.
Children are evil.... and Grace must pay, oh! How she'll pay, mwaaaa ha haaaa (insert evil laugh here)!

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