Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday, Creature of the Night:

And so it has come to pass that I have become a creature of the night; I am exhausted all day, and then when the temerature drops, I regain my energy and try to play catch-up with everything I left undone.
I got my new MP3 player in the mail today, so I spent the better part of the afternoon downloading each and every favorite song from my entire life onto the player-- it's like the ultimate mixed tape, only instead of spanning the music of your 15 year old self, it's from forever: music I loved as a little kid, teenage angst music, hippie days music, grown up music... (but which is which? It's hard to tell). There is so much in the common world that I just learning about, like MP3 players; mysteries abound, much excitement... now if I could only stay awake for it!

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