Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daycare Dilemma

I have so much on my mind right now: with all the changes summer brings, and my lack of preparedness for it, it's no wonder I'm in a funk.
I am so glad for Grace, that she gets the opportunity to be gone for 5 weeks and learn and grow with what truly are her closest friends. But I have no childcare for a month, and I'm not sure what to do.
I initially thought that Jacob could stay home by himself for a few hours in the morning, since he's almost 10 and I usually get let go from GI at around 1-1:30 (sometimes earlier). But now Neuro wants me to come after I get let go from GI, which throws a big ole monkey wrench into the mix. I had to tell them today that I have no childcare and they weren't too happy about it, and I don't blame them a bit.
Jacob's best buddy is at his grandma's next door every day now too, which at first you think is nice, but then you realize that having 2 little monkeys in your house unsupervised (I'm sure they'd be here-- grandma does not watch the kids AT ALL), in the pool by themselves, letting the puppy out alone (the kids wouldn't watch the puppy)... I just don't think that I'd be able to function at work.
For a moment, I though about asking the grandma to watch Jacob at her house, but when I really got to thinking about it, it seemed like a bad idea: Grandma doesn't cook or feed any of the children in her house-- Jacob's buddy often wanders over here at mealtime in search of food. There is no end to the number of shady characters who hang out at that house; grandma had 13 kids and I think quit raising them after #5 or 6-- one of the adult children who lives there has a toddler she lets run while she sleeps all the time... turns out she is addicted to heroin and has her druggie boyfriend living there as well. Bleck. So bad, bad idea. I told my husband that I just couldn't forgive myself if anything went wrong while Jacob was there, since there were SOOOOOOOO many red flags. I think my husband understood.
Which leads me to a very important point: why is this MY problem, finding daycare every time it is needed? My husband is counting on my working, yet he has never in his life concerned himself with these important details. Yes, it's great if your kid can grow up and not be molested or abused by freaky people, but sadly, this takes a bit of planning beyond just leaving your kid home alone or in the care of the town outcasts.
My husband seemed surprised that I even wanted to talk about it, as if he somehow should be: a) involved in any way, and b) concerned in any way. Ohwell.
I think the grand outcome of this dilemma is that I won't be working so much this summer, which of course, since our finances are separate, will only affect *my* spending power... I think I'm really growing to like hot dogs, tho. On-Cor family entree, anyone?
And I'm sure you're thinking, "why don't you put your precious little critter into daycare--duh?" Well, I thought about it... but with daycare, you have to pay a $75 registration fee, give them set days/hours (which I can't do since my job is flexible), pay for times you get cancelled, and last but not least, because Jacob doesn't want to go and he will be miserable. Oh, and I only need it for a month and daycare doesn't work that way.
So there you have it, poverty in a nutshell.
Jake did agree yesterday that I could just work GI for the summer, so I'll see how accomodating he is with paying for stuff he doesn't want to. The guy's working 6 9 hour days/week-- he should be rolling in the overtime dough. So ante up, buddy!

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