Saturday, June 9, 2007


With the exception of the few CD's my daughter glommed off me and left with her BF, my entire musical life history is now recorded onto my MP3 player; I can't believe it all fits! There are quite a few more things I'd like to load, like my Django Reinhardt, but I have 5 CD's and I have no idea what to pick. And of course, there are tons of songs I'd like to BUY (like Peter Murphy's "Cuts You Up", a couple Nitzer Ebb songs, etc), but so far, so good. I'm fairly happy with what's being pumped into my ears-- "Burning Down the House" (Talking Heads) and previously, "Close to Me" by the Cure. Listening to the Cure brings me back to those incredible days with my very first boyfriend-- it's funny how you can relive a moment long past just by hearing a song.
The new tipi is offically up and informally blessed;

the sleepover guests (yes, two showed up somewhat unannounced. How wierd. But Jacob was thrilled, and we are glad to have them! Just look at those smiles:)

And I cleaned the house, top to bottom, with many forgotten chores attended to: dusting, vacuuming behind couches, mopping, organizing, et al. I'm feeling the need to get things in order (music collection included) before I'm off to camp, and the summer cruises by in a cluttered, dirty haze. It felt really good to get everything good and clean (altho I almost killed all the carnivorous plants and orchids in the process-- don't ask!), and our lives in order. The calla lilies just opened and look lovely, as always:


Anonymous said...

What Nitzer Ebb songs do you want?

cjkoehler said...

Murderous, maybe-- Join in the Chant would be good, too; it reminds me SO much of Medusa's, which no one seems to remember anymore, sadly.

Anonymous said...

I think I have those, let me know and I will share.....