Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hump Day

It's a sleepy hump day, and despite tea and coffee and drinking lots of water, I just can't shake this sleepy lethargy that has settled upon me. I took a Benadryl last night so I could crash HARD, I'm guessing it may be why I couldn't wake up today...

Funny, you create a mini vacuum in your life and oftentimes something rushes to fill the void: I worked my last day (last few days? one never knows..) in Kenosha, and lo and behold, my Burlington boss asked me this am if I wanted to cross-train to help in Neuro. Sure, why not? Neuro is not my favorite, but it'll give me extra hours closer to home... how cool is that? And here I was, fretting about my impoverished state-- I didn't even make it one day! Well, someone's looking out for me, that's for sure...
There's a super-fine line between being a woman of leisure (aka, woman who stays home enough to keep her house from becoming a sickly pig sty) and a woman who's broke-- we've always maintained our financial independence in our marriage, so unless I want to eat ramen noodles and shop only at Love, Inc (the local thrift shop), I have to work just enough to maintain my bank account AND my sanity, which roughly translates to about 3 days/week.
P.S. The tipi arrived today! However, it sounds like Jacob's party won't be very well attended, boo. I guess we are doomed to roam the earth as loners, whine whine whine. It's really too bad for Jacob, tho, he was looking forward to it.
UPDATE 12:18 am:
Well attended, my booty... NO ONE can come to Jacob's party. Poor, poor little guy! I'm really bummed:-(

I made THREE strawberry rhubarb pies tonight, and I'm still waiting for the 3rd one to come out of the oven... tasty, yummy stuff. I'm feeling self-destructive, and could eat one all by my lonesome, they're that good. I thought I'd bring one to work tomorrow, but I'm guessing the ladies are getting tired of my feeding them sweets, and who could blame them?

Little Miss Molly had the most awful day today: she pooped in her cage, peed in the house 3 times, tried to throw herself in front of a dumptruck (taking YEARS off my life, no doubt) and then got a taste of the mean ole shock collar; I set the amps to the lowest setting (I think it was 5), and she responded well. She got shocked for leaving the yard, chasing the chickens, and not coming when called. I know, I'm a Nazi, but I rationalize that if she learns not to leave the yard, she'll stay alive a lot longer (the dumptrucks travel on the service road all day, all week long, 100+ per day sometimes..), and a shock is a small price to pay for a long, happy life of belly rubbing.
Life is good, but I've been crabby almost all week long. Wah! for me. I think I need more pie-- now where's that ice cream?

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