Saturday, September 1, 2007


I slept most of the day away, from getting up at 10 this morning to the 4 hour nap I took this afternoon (watching the Zumba DVD's I got in the mail today was EXHAUSTING!). Which leads me to ask: "Who, oh why, am I so tired?"

Is it my inability to move without pain today after my childish attempt to prove my "bad-assness" at the gym?
Was it my emotional exhaustion at starting (yet!) another job this week (in addition to the several others I have, mind you)???
(And no, it didn't go well-- with all the mayhem at remembering what each Doc requires (and then having a different one show up than the one you prepped for instead of the one listed on the schedule) and the lady who acted like she was stroking out on the table in front of me (and I'm there completely ALONE), to being strongarmed into picking up way too many hours in Neuro.... let's just say it was a week to be endured, and slept away like a bad dream.)

I baked 5 dozen Door County cherry chocolate cupcakes (with whipped chocolate ganache frosting) tonight to ease the pain; but of course, due to my diet and excellent weight loss I can't in good conscience eat any of them. We're having a family picnic tomorrow, so I can attempt to live vicariously thru the people who will be eating all the junk I can't: sausages, mayonaise salads, chips, fabulous cupcakes, etc. It'll be great to see everyone and catch up on all the family dirt I never hear about since I live so far away;-) My aunt's family is pretty funny and cool, which has always made me wonder if I was born into the wrong family... tee hee. My baby sister Cathy is a very cool girl, but not nearly as feisty as she was before she became a new mom again and aspired to become a responsible adult. My kids are older now, so I have been able to go back to my goofy old self again, instead of pretending I'm some sort of role model for the next generation.... and all I can say is-- wahoo!
Well, the only downside to sleeping all day is that you're up at 11:53 all by your lonesome with nothing to do...