Sunday, May 20, 2007


Miss Molly!

Molly is a 12 week old Brittany Spaniel from a local breeder. She was born on Valentine's day and, of course, is a real sweetheart

I really enjoyed having a large dog in the house, one you could put your arms around (and one that wouldn't take your face off). So, with Sixy no longer with us, I just couldn't stand the thought of being without a "real" dog (Daisy is a good girl, but Rat Terriers aren't the greatest companion dogs...they're incredibly high strung and have a *very* nervous temperament).

Brittanys are very smart and gentle dogs, and we chose Molly because she was the calmest of her litter. So far (and I know this isn't going to last...), she hasn't barked or gone after the cat, but she sure likes to chew on stuff, so I've been trying to puppy proof the computer room as she finds things to munch on (the phone, the computer cords). I got her one of those thick rubber chew toys, which she loves, but she seems to favor cloth chewies and I'll have to pick her up a few more toys to keep her occupied, 'cause I suspect if I'm not careful, she'll have the room pretty torn up when I return from work on Tuesday.

Ah! Puppies! I know Jake isn't 100% happy about having another baby in the house, but I tried to explain to him that this is usually the age in a woman's life when thoughts turn to one last baby (that biological clock is winding down), so at least I'm yearning for fur babies and not the expensive ones you have to send to college someday. And besides, this baby likes to hunt!

I let Jake make the final decision about which pup would be best, since he's has a good sense with dogs, and I'm hoping he will help with the training, esp if field training is in her future. MMMMMmmmmmm...... pheasant! What a great father/son activity, and with Bong so close, I'm hoping for many fun family trips with an obedient, well trained dog. Molly warmed up to Jacob right away; rambunctious boy activities are right up her alley!

I've tried to take some photos, but puppies don't sit still very well:

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