Friday, May 4, 2007


Jake and Jacob left for an overnight trip, Grace is over at her boyfriend's, so I'm all alone and I'm BOOOOOOORED!
There's a million things going on, but I can't think of who to invite: First Fridays is tonight, but I'm not so sure I want to trek all the way into Racine-- and who would I go with? I'd prefer to go with Jake, and I bet it's chilly (altho it may be less crowded, who knows?).
I called Tracey to see if she wants to go out for a martini at BJ's; not sure if she's available. I would LOVE to have some of their fantastic tuna, but I've already pigged out on palak paneer (our version of "fast food", since you just cook the rice, open the package, and dump the green stuff on top. Voila!). It's tasty good stuff, but ya gotta wonder if it has any staying power.

I'm bummed, since I've been exercising fairly regularly, and it seems like my clothes are getting even TIGHTER! I worked out for quite a while this am; 1 hour in a swim aerobics class, 20 minutes on the elliptical, and 30 minutes lifting weights, with a 30 minute walk with the dogs.
All I've eaten today consists of:
1 cup "Good Friends" cereal with milk, a skim latte, a bowl of pea soup with 1 piece sourdough bread, 1/2 cup Stonyfield Farm yogurt with 4 fresh strawberries, a Wha Guru chew, 8 oz low sodium V8, and 1 cup rice with about a cup of palak paneer.
I keep reading all these diet books, many of which are pure crazy nonsense. So many books give detailed reports of how people became overwweight: "I would eat a bag of chips while watching TV", or, "I would eat a half dozen doughnuts for breakfast", and "I would stress eat a half pint of Ben and Jerry and chase it with a king size Snickers". What crap! I haven't eaten a chip, a doughnut, real ice cream or a candy bar for a loooooong time-- and it sounds like this was an everyday occurrence for these folks. I have never been a junk food eater, not even when I was a kid, never was a soda drinker. I know that genetically, my body wants to be a fatty, so I've been fighting it since I was a girl, by watching what I eat, exercising... some people say that they gained weight from their pregnancies, but I was still riding my bike, doing yoga, and water aerobics up till the day I delivered jacob, and I weighed just about exactly what I do now (at 9 months pregnant, with a 10# baby...). Go figure.

The best I can tell, I gained weight when I turned 35 for no other reason other than I returned to work at a job that was toxic to me, one that involved a lot of sitting and stress. I didn't develop a sudden passion for candy or pastries, but I *did* get put on the pill that year for my nasty PMS-- could that be it?
All I can say is that I no longer have a flat belly for the first time in my life (it went flat the day after each of my deliveries, WTF?), and I HATE it!
And the success stories in the books are total BS, too. Like: "When Suzy decided to include the 3 Power Snacks in her diet, she lost an amazing 3 pounds the first week!" So many people want you to believe that if you eat more, you'll lose more-- and so many of them don't even mention exercise as a main component of healthy weight loss. And the ridiculous notion that you can change the way you eat and lose weight, and then somehow be able to go back to your former diet and be okey dokey for evermore is crap, too. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that it was your original diet (and lifestyle) that got you fat in the first place-- what makes anyone think they can return to that way of living and not see the weight creeping back on? And fake food? As in, "I have no idea what's in this stuff, but if you eat a bunch of it, it'll make you fart a lot". No thanks. I need to bone up on my willpower, not increase my chances of developing some strange GI disorder or worse, cancer.
My problem, in addition to the mystery weight gain, is that I'm not active enough. I get blue in the winter and want to sleepsleepsleep the cold season away (i.e."wake me when it's spring"). If I could develop a habit of going to the gym that I could maintain into the winter months, I know I'd see results and be a lot happier all winter long.
My husband scoffs, but I know I'd be 100% healthier if I could live somewhere that doesn't freeze over for 3+ months out of the year.
Oh, and I also suspect that part of the problem is that I developed a taste for a drinky-poo (or 2) before bed, which I find smooths out the rough spots of the day and eases me into sleep. Maybe what I have is a "wine belly". Egads!Published Date: Fri, 04 May 2007 23:28:06 GMT

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