Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy, Happy Monday (Tuesday, really...)

It's my first day back at work, and I am absolutely, completely exhausted! My eyes can't adjust to the fluorescent lights, since I haven't been inside more than a few minutes during the day the past several days. I feel like a stranger in a strange land.
The acoustics on the unit are disconcerting, too, as it's really hard to hear what people are saying unless they're right next to you; if you're being nosy and try to eavesdrop, most of what you hear sounds like a different language, causing your brain to scramble.

On a positive note, I was made late this morning by the Fed Ex guy, who was delivering my NEW CAMERA just as I was trying to speed out the driveway-- I can't wait to get home and take photos of the new gardens and of the blooming plants; the foxglove is STUNNING, and some of the new clematis is unbelievably beautiful. If I don't get them photographed before they fade, I'll feel like I've missed out.

To recap, this weekend we: purchased 55 more landscape blocks and topped off the coop wall; purchased 100 cobblestones and laid a walkway to the coop; dug up about 30 plants from the various gardens and transplanted them into the coop garden (including a new spirea); planted a Japanese Maple in the shade garden; moved several plants around the shade garden to balance it out; jacked up the chicken coop about 6-8 inches and blocked off the chicken girl exits (those girls saw their opportunity and escaped as soon as they could.. and of course, started trashing the strawberry patch right away. BAD BAD chickens); amended the coop garden soil with 400# of composted cow manure and a few loads of chicken pen poop; had a great barbeque with one of last year's chicken boys, and wateredwateredwatered everything and prayed the grass would start to grow.
Life is good, and ibuprofen is my new best friend.

On the horizon: we're talking about installing a brick patio next to the shade garden-- fun! At least bricks weigh substantially less than a patio block, and hurt less when you drop one on your toe! I can't wait, it'll look so cool...

p.s. I couldn't have made those pups 'o mine gobble down those worm pills fast enough tonight; it was all I could think of today, and the store almost closed before we could get them, we were so dang busy this afternoon.
p.s.s After 11 stinking years of cajoling, Jake FINALLY put me on his checking account tonight. I wonder why...


Anonymous said...

Poor little Chicky! I am soo glad I didn't come back for dinner (I thought you were just kidding).

cjkoehler said...

Awww... and for a brief moment, I thought the chicky you were referring to was me. Boo. Mr Chicky was deeeeelicious! Too bad you missed it:-(
Come and visit again-- the margaritas after all the work were awful tasty, too.