Saturday, May 26, 2007


Ah! Lazy Saturday... a day off with NOTHING to do (well, except broadcast grass seed, lay down straw, get the watering done and go to the store to get some compost to amend the crap soil we got last week...) Where to start?
I put the old landscape blocks on top of the new ones by the coop, but I don't like the way it looks. I really need to get enough blocks to complete the job properly, but then what do I do with the old blocks? I haven't resolved 100% to using the blocks around the shade garden, it looks funny because the garden is flush with the ground and the blocks make it look sunken. Maybe if I sink the blocks a bit, and throw the spoil onto the crap garden... I'd really like to get all the seedlings and extra plants into the coop garden before it gets any drier and hotter and I'm off to camp.
I'd also like to get some cobblestones this weekend since they're on sale, but I have no idea how many to buy, or in what combination... I wish my hubby and I weren't fighting, so he could work his magic and get the ball rolling with that project before they go off sale.
I have a bad habit of losing interest in gardening pretty quickly after it starts getting HOT, so I'd better get a move on and get this stuff done while it's still 60 degrees!
UPDATE 9:25 pm
After much sweat and swearing, I was able to get the edging done around the shade garden. Of course, there were a lot of tree roots and rocks to contend with, which were noticably absent when Jake and I were doing the coop garden.
When my husband is around, all projects flow like a dream, but when I'm trying to do something myself, nothing goes quite right. I tell him that it's just evidence that I'm not cut out for this kind of work, but he just laughs at me:-(
Right at the end, I had 4 inches of gravel to dig out, as the previous owners must have had an extra load they needed to dump somewhere... do you know how HARD it is to shovel muddy gravel? Needless to say, the end of the edging looks like CRAP, but I'll plant something there that'll flow over the edge so no one can notice (nepeta?).
Jake got the grass seed broadcast and the whole mess covered with straw; hopefully my camera will come soon so I can get this all on film.

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