Saturday, April 28, 2007


I was raised in the country, and therefore, despite my mom's best efforts, our house was always dirty. Something was always crawling, growing, pooping, or being dragged into our house by 6 sets of feet (not counting the animals), contributing to the mess.
I always swore my house would be cleaner, and I thought it was... until I decided to invite someone from the City over and I realized that dead ladybugs and cobwebs are not an everyday part of the city experience. Yikes!
I've been dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming for what feels like hours-- where have all these dead ladybugs come from? I think they become invisible when their carcasses are everywhere you look, and you clean them up constantly; but the massive, could catch a rodent in 'em cobwebs waaaaaaay up on the ceilings are SCARY!
Jake has decorated a portion of the house, and it looks amazingly cool, but it's a collection of clutter that is impossible to clean and seems to grow cobwebs (and grow in size-- that guy has a lot of CRAP!) like it's a bug factory.
Having people over is a lot of work. I think we meed to make friends with some pig farmers, and the clean up wouldn't be so painful.

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