Monday, April 9, 2007


Easter went very well: we didn't attend Easter services, and I really preferred it that way. To be honest, I am a dyed in the wool non traditionalist, and I don't have much interest or tolerance for routines or rituals. I find the familiar tiresome, especially when it comes to holidays.

I was telling Jake that I wish we could celebrate these religious holidays to correspond with the actual birth/death of Christ: once every 33 years. I think 33 years would be enough to keep the event fresh, the carols engaging... it seems like deja vu whenever the holidays roll around, just like it was yesterday that the tree was lurking in the corner, with no one interested in decorating it, the eggs were left unboiled, undecorated-- with the fat, drunken girl dancing on the table to "Celebrate Good Times" at the company Christmas party-- same, same, same. Always the same.

It was great to see everyone-- even Emily and Michael came (I took lots of photos-- Michael LOVES grandma's cupcakes! See his cute pirate bib? I made it) I also made 5 dozen Peeps cupcakes, all different colors-- they looked amazing, and were probably the best tasting I've ever made. The buttercream was very much like bakery frosting (I used the Wilton buttercream recipe), and I added ground coconut to the cake batter.

The Nuns who live behind us gave us a GINORMOUS chocolate egg, wrapped in beautiful foil-- it was made in **Italy**. I still am struck by how kind that was. I made them a dozen peeps cupcakes and dropped them at their door (I hope they found them..).
I would really like to get to know them better; they are from all over the world, which is fascinating, and I often see them walking on the bike paths, singing, "Sound of Music" style. Very magical, and very unusual (my favorite combination).

P.S. Don't feed your dog jellybeans, even if they reallyreally like them. Mr Six was a sad, sad boy today.

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