Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Ow ow ow~! I hurt my back! I feel like a crabbity old woman, with creaky, achy joints-- my feet hurt, my bones pop when I walk. I think I may have hurt myself last week when I was trying to get a large patient into bed, but I'm forever bending funny to lock wheelchairs, start IV's, help patients into their chairs, etc and etc. And my back is just ACHING (well, sharp, stabbing pain is more like it) I took a vicodin the past 2 nights, and I have to say: that stuff is CRAP! The first night, I didn't sleep at all, I just felt like I was hallucinating with my eyes closed. I took it earlier in the evening yesterday, thinking that would help, but all I felt was impaired-- completely doped up, with no pain relief of any kind. And it wasn't like an enjoyable doped up feeling, either (give me a nice glass of wine any night!). What crap-- who would take that stuff for pain?
But sadly, not even the ibuprofen/ice is helping... I'm a mess!
I see so many nurses who are quite a bit older than me, still running around the unit. I have no idea how they keep up: I should be in the prime of my career, and I put myself out of commission after helping ONE patient into bed. Sad. I know I've just gotten back into clinical nursing, which I am soooo happy about, but I can't be that pathetic
I'd like to lay down, but it hurts-- it hurts when I walk, it hurts when I sit, it hurts when I think about sitting. Boo.

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