Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When You Give a Working Mom a Cookie:

Ok: Early this morning I went into the computer room to check my work e-mail, to see what dates my boss was wanting for next month. I opened the e-mail, and realized I didn't have my date book.
So I went into the kitchen to find it. I didn't immediately find the datebook, but I DID see the crusty sink of dishes and the glop my hubby schlurped on the counter this am. So I found a washcloth, and began cleaning. Impeding my path on the counter were the rotten daffodils I cut the other day, and a container of scraps for the worm bin. Realizing I couldn't properly clean with the obstacles in the way, I put down my washcloth and tromped down to the basement to feed the worms.
Cluttering the bottom of the stairs was a large pile of laundry that needed to be washed, like, yesterday-- so I put down the worm scraps and dragged the smelly mass of laundry into the laundry room. I filled the washer, and realized that the gigunda laundry soap container was empty-- so I hauled my butt back upstairs so I could toss the container in the recycling bin in the garage. Remembering that I forgot to feed the worms, I ran back downstairs, dumped the scraps, and started the wash. Seeing the mess in the corner of the basement that my hubby left when he painted Jacob's bed last week, I engaged in a frenzied rush to clean up (before the cat decided to use the papers as a litter box).
Back upstairs, I finally got around to wiping down the counters, and washed up the nasty dishes.
Hearing the cat crying, I looked around the living room to see where he was, only to see that Jacob left his underwear lying on the living room floor and Grace left a pile of candy wrappers, some dirty socks and several cups lying about. So I picked those up, returned the items to their proper places, unlocked the cat from the bedroom (and fed the mice the cat snuck in the bedroom to get at-- glad to see they were still intact!), turned off all the lights Jacob left on, fed the cat, picked up papers from the kitchen counters, and wandered into the computer room, where random papers live until I can sort them.

I sat down, already exhausted, and started surfing the internet for a little mindless entertainment: only to see my boss' e-mail. Damn! Where is that datebook?

It was sitting right next to me, all along.
Sigh! I'll take that cookie, now.

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