Friday, April 27, 2007


I didn't think today would come fast enough; I have been looking forward to having *nothing* to do all week! So Friday has finally arrived, my hubby is out of town, and both kids are away with friends; do I go out and do something exciting, something completely different?

Noooooooo... I want nothing more than to eat a bowl of ice cream, lounge in my pj's and maybe blog a bit... have a drinky poo and watch an episode of Bones. Then, when I can barely keep my eyes open, I'd like to read a little of "Alterna Dad" in my wine-buzzy haze and fall faaaast asleep. Sublime!

Today was the perfect day of work; just busy enough to give you something to do, but not so crazy busy that you forget to pee all day.
I live for those days... during the slow times the ladies were looking up cookie boquets, as in cookies on a stick--i.e.:

Very cute, but who in their right mind would pay $52 for 6 cookies? Apparently, lots of people. If I thought I could make a few baskets a week, and not be tied to my kitchen making/decorating a hundred cookies every day, I could probably be persuaded to give it a try. I know that people charge $3 and up for cupcakes from a shop, but I think they're lulu too. Maybe I just lack vision... or maybe I just don't want to weigh 350# by eating a steady diet of raw sugar cookie dough and frosting. For fun, tho, maybe I'll pick up a few cookie cutters someday and give it a whirl... but sometimes I question the wisdom of pursuing hobbies that make me FAT, as if regular life wasn't temptation enough.

I have a job interview on Monday for a position in Pre-Op, which I LOVE doing in Kenosha-- I just am not thrilled that the job is in Elkhorn, although I guess is a bit closer than Kenosha, and a whole lot prettier drive.
I would much prefer to work in Burlington, tho, but it sounds like nothing is going to come together. I think I've burnt out the recruiter with my perpetual job searches and applications, like, 5 years ago already (and who can blame her?).
And with camp coming up, I guess finding a permanent job could go by the wayside for a bit, anyway. Damn! I just wish my girlie wasn't so expensive... then finding a permanent job woldn't even be an issue.

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