Sunday, April 29, 2007


Finally finally finally! The ground has dried up enough to get the 16 asparagus plants in the ground-- any longer, and it may have been a moot point. That's the funny thing about planting, you never know what the weather's going to be like, and since I am not the most motivated person, I'd like the weather to be cooperative and the ground to be workable. We trenched them in the back prairie behind the archery target, across from the tipi. Jake mentioned he wants to get the old cover back on the tipi, but I'd almost like to look at new covers, since ours is getting so ratty. I sure do miss having it up (I miss late night Indian leg wrestling, is what I miss...)
I also broadcast about 15# of flax seed in the hard to establish areas in the front/side prairies; it looks like the mice got into the chicken's stash of flax, and since I'm not thrilled about feeding the chickens mouse poop, I figured I had to do something with it....
Flax is pretty, and a native prairie plant, so I don't feel bad putting it to use. Besides, the girls may want to hang out and snack in the prairie on flax and grasshoppers sometime the summer, so it'll have a dual function (pretty AND practical, my favorite!).

Well, we're off for a motorcycle ride to Lake Michigan; the weather is beautiful!

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