Friday, April 6, 2007


We went to the Milwaukee Museum today and purchased a family membership (we let ours lapse for a couple years after being members for a long time). We had such a fantastic time! Just to be surrounded by all that curiosity, both past and present, really charges my batteries. I feel as if I am finally awakening from a long, deep, sleep.
We also stopped by American Science and Surplus this afternoon, and wandered in amusement at all the oddball crap they have... fun! I was soooooo tempted to buy the formalin preserved, shrinkwrapped frog they had, and give it to Jacob in his Easter basket. As it was, I got him a periodic table placemat, a magic eye book, and a squishy egg game; for Grace, an expanding mermaid; and for myself, a 3-D spinning frog mobile and an alien to stick on my dashboard.

We started our day with lunch at Sharazad, and got the fantastic appetizer sampler, lentil soup, and shawirma. We also got the spinach pie, but it wasn't good AT ALL, and their stuffed spinach leaves weren't so good, either. But the hummus was even better, and I actually liked the Baba Ganoush and bean-stuff they had, for a change. As I suspected, they were under new ownership--but it was just as great as I remember it. The kids were fascinated by the hookas, and Grace's boyfriend was freaked out by the whole event-- literally. He looked horrified... but I just love to blow the minds of today's youth. In a positive way, of course. I want my kids to know that the world is a much bigger place than Burlington, Wisconsin-- that their spiritual and cultural battles should be complex and involve a great deal of CHOICE (especially for the holy rollers who were suckled Christianity at the tit, God bless their fortunate, one dimensional souls. Life shouldn't be that cut and dried, at least not for my kids.) I want them to see that the world is a dangerous, wonderful place in which one should be cautious with sporatic periods of recklessness. (i.e. as in, take the kids on long motorcycle rides for adventures, but make sure they wear their helmets!)

I can't wait for the weather to get warmer, so we can go downtown Milwaukee and wander about; I am so looking forward to Chicago next weekend! Our wanderings await...

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