Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Goodwill Shopping:

Yay! I went to the Goodwill last noc, and found a BRAND, SPANKIN NEW flute for $50!!!! So, between cleaning, laundry, reading, and half assed science experiments, I was sitting with my "EasyFluteMethod" trying to teach myself to play yet another instrument. I am very excited!

I always wanted to play the flute, but wah, my mom made us all take string instruments since my older sister had braces and couldn't play flute, either. SO neener neener neener, mom-- I got my flute! I think I'll practice my bootie off and have a really awful recital prepared for Mother's day.

It wouldn't be so bad, starting off from scratch with a new instrument, if the kids didn't come along and shut the door when I'm practicing, and the dogs didn't look so *pained*. Ohwell, everyone's a critic... when I'm playing my "Jazz flute", Ron Burgandy style (a' la "The Anchorman"), my family will eat major crow. Oh yes-- they will... (insert evil laugh here).

I also found what I believed to be a Red Wing bean pot; but my dad said that the Red Wings didn't have "Red Wing USA" stamped on the bottom. I do have to say, however, that my dad has been known to be a wee bit full 'o shit, (bless his heart!) so I'll keep investigting.
It's in MINT condition, with absolutely NO chips or cracks, only some minor crazing on the bottom and bottom edge of the pot. It even has a lid! So for $2.99, you can't go wrong., even if it is a fake. Gotta love the Goodwill!

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