Monday, April 9, 2007

Heaven Knows...

My boss approached me today and asked why I hadn't applied for the position that was FINALLY posted after several arduous weeks of "yes, it's been approved" to ; "no, it's not going to go through" to; "oh wait-- I think it's going to happen" and then finally;" um-I guess a doctor will be leaving and we'll be overstaffed", which made me feel good that she was thinking of me. What a roller coaster ride, tho! I'm still dizzy.
And you know, I've looked every single day for weeks and weeks (well, about 6 weeks to be exact, but that's an awfully long time), and it never showed up on my log in! Apparently, it was posted over a week ago, and it was visible on every computer in the system but mine (OOOOWWWWEEEEEOOOOOOO... creepy). I even had the recruiter on the phone today helping me pull it up, and it *still* wouldn't materialize.
So anyhoo, after much to-do, she posted it again, and I was finally able to apply for it.

Wahoo! I'm happy, I guess-- but a little voice sometimes reminds me of the Smith's song where he sings "I was looking for a job and then I found a job, and heaven knows I'm miserable now". Not like I'm miserable or anything, I've just been around the workforce long enough to know that the happy love affair of new employment loses its luster fairly quickly. And since I've been there for over 2 months now, I've seen the dark underbelly of staffing problems, crabbity staff issues, the good, the bad, and the (rarely) ugly side of the docs-- but I still like it, and think I can do it, warts, farts, and all.

Keep your fingers crossed for me: if I can get a regular FTE, Grace will likely be able to attend her beloved Private School, and I can wrangle more $ for my retirement fund (tax free! Never have those words sounded so lovely since I did my taxes myself this year) and possibly finnagle my employer to pay for my Spanish certification.

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