Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cotton Candy Martinis

Yum! I got the kids some sno cone syrup, which also happens to make really tasty martinis-- who'd a thunk such a tasty childhood treat could become a delightful portal of intoxication? Hopefully I'll be so snoggered I won't hear the new neighbors whoopin' it up tonight, or the sirens from the fire department after they set the woods on fire with their obnoxious, late night pyrotechnics (with country music blaring in the background. at 1 am. Satan has descended upon the earth and I am sad to report that he wears a cowboy hat and sings with a southern twang. at 1 am.) *Sigh* I am too much of a tightass to think it is anything but horrific. These folks had multiple triple xxx sized ATV's roaming about their 1/2 acre property this afternoon-- it looked ridiculous, and it was noisy and irritating. And these folks need donations and the services of several qualified mechanics, quick--as none of the 8 vehicles parked in their front yard have working exhaust systems. VROOOOM, VROOOOM, RUMBLERUMBLERUMBLE-- the sweet sounds rousted Mr Six up from his sleep at 12 am and set him off on a fit of barking which woke the whole household. I've never called the cops on anyone before (well, except for that time we got kicked out of a party in 1987 and called the police to retaliate....), but I think it may be time-- and we haven't even officially met these meatballs yet.
In any event, I'd better be sure to pace myself-- I hate showing up to church in the am with a hangover. Tee hee.

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