Saturday, March 24, 2007

5 Pounds???

So last night I weighed myself on my new WalMart scale I just had to have and I was 162, which was very sad. But this morning, when I jumped on the scale, I was 157-- wtf??? 5 pounds???
Not like I'm complaining or anything, but a 5 # weight loss overnight is highly unlikely, unless there was an unfortunate loss of a limb, massive hemorrhage, or maybe even childbirth or a raging case of salmonella poisoning in the time between 9pm and 9 am. I even cheated and got up at midnight to have another lovely piece of that soda bread I made yesterday-- waaaay too yummy, even better than cupcakes!
I have nothing planned today, which makes me SAD. I have 2 little boys by myself this am, as hubby is working yet another 6 days in a row-- for which I know I should be humbled and grateful, but for which I am eversoslightly bummed about-- sometimes, I can go days without saying more than 4 sentences to my guy, just because we're so busy. Sigh! I guess missing your spouse is a nice alternative to the traditional "being sick of your spouse", or "fighting with your spouse", so I'll quit my whining. For now. I suppose it's time to do my "8 Minutes in the Morning", and wrangle up a walk with Mr Six.

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