Thursday, March 29, 2007

Weenie day:

For whatever reason, I had a sucky day-- I just couldn't seem to wake up: all my attempts to be amusing fell flat, I made a ton of stupid pee pee errors, I left work with a bag of narcotics in my pocket (good thing I didn't get pulled over-- the Demerol was already drawn up and ready to go... yeesh!), I ate 1/3 of a bag of dark chocolates, my dog growled at me (twice), and it looks quite certain that I will NOT be getting said wonderful job, after weeks of waiting. Boy! My butt is dragging... almost like a waste of the day. Boo.

I finished the taxes yesterday, which was a flaming pain in the ass-- who knew you had to be so intelligent to fulfill your yearly obligation as a taxpayer? When all was said and done, for John Q. Very Uncomplicated Taxpayer, I printed up 9 pages of federal tax forms and screwed them up twice-- and I still feel pretty certain that I am forgetting a form somewhere. I am very tempted to run to the stupid WalMart yet again and buy the Turbo Tax-- I'm just not sure you can use it year after year Ah! To be so cheap and yet so unmotivated... the best outcome of this most recent fiasco is that I have a much greater understanding of how we are screwing ourselves by being ignorant of the tax laws-- and how incompetent our well-paid tax guy is... over the years I've missed out on claiming my student loans, my tuition, years of childcare, church/charity donations-- isn't it the guy's job to ask about such things? Guess not. Well, no more $160 paid to remain languishing in our ignorance, and with a lame tax return to boot. I prefer to be ignorant on a cheaper scale, thankyouverymuch.

So Jake paid $7500 in taxes, I paid $2600, with $4500 property taxes. We may be blessed with decent jobs and a nice home, but methinks we are getting screwed.

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