Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wonderful, Wonderful Walk:

Mr Six, Jacob, Cody and I went for a nice, long walk to the park this afternoon. The boys were a great addition to the walk, since they were wandering off into the woods, exploring rotten, hollowed out trees, bugs and the like. I had to keep lasso-ing them back to the trail so they didn't get lost, but we were having a blast in the process. Jacob kept finding those boll- things that grow inside the goldenrod stems, and I found a little golden snake that was killed. Was it bad of me to suggest that Cody put it in his pocket? (Grace thought it was a fake snake and screamed and screamed when she found out it was real and she touched it. tee hee-- she shouldn't be such a GIRL about such things...)

There were a lot of people on the trail and many more by the river, and I secretly felt glad that I had my "vicious" dog with me to make me feel safe-- some of those fishing guys look downright shady, and I was only too happy to glower at them menacingly while restraining my recently quarantined hell hound.

Life is good! We took lots of pictures; Everything looks go grey compared to the summer pics from last year.
Jacob says, "everything is waking up, mom".

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