Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy B'Lated St Patty's Day!

We are the procrastinators of all things holiday: we don't have a problem celebrating the holidays per se-- we just need about 2 additional weeks to prepare than most folks (plus, then all the holiday stuff is 75% off!). We are finally getting around to cooking up the traditional Irish feast of corned beef and cabbage, with some home baked irish soda bread thrown in for good measure. Yum! We went out last week at the last minute to the local pub to celebrate, which was very cool (I really can't ever recall celebrating that particular non-holiday; it isn't even on my radar, even tho I am close to 50% Irish. I must be getting sentimental for rowdy drinking holidays in my old age..)
I am sososo glad to have today off! I need at least 2 days off per week to feel sane-- I had only one this week. I slept in after getting the kids off to school until about 9, read for a while, then got the house clean, made phonecalls/appointments, started dinner, baked bread....

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