Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ms. Fanny

We went to the rescue group today to meet with Ms. Fanny: she's smaller than Molly was, a little more petite, and she's SHY. Very, very shy.
So shy, in fact, that she cowered behind the legs of her rescue "mom" and barely visited with us.
This makes me really sad.
Jake shot me a clear "no way, Jose" look after our visit that broke my heart, knowing that without his blessing, he'll try his hardest not to bond with her.

Jake is forever accusing me of making him do things/accept things he doesn't want to, and I know he's 100% right. I also know, tho, that he hasn't wanted much of *anything* for the majority of the time I've known him, and life would be pretty quiet and empty if it wasn't for my efforts.

The rescue family is coming out tomorrow for a visit (and I should be cleaning, I guess), but I'm sad, knowing that although I'm certain I could love this dog and make her mine, once again it isn't perfect (and once again, I'll have to try twice as hard to convince everyone that it is. As always, I have enough enthusiasm for everyone-- but it's getting a little tiresome).

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