Thursday, October 18, 2007


It's been a goofy week, but pleasantly so.
I cannot for the LIFE of me believe that the end of October is fast approaching... and I've only lost 10 #!!!!! I've been exercising to megadoses of ibuprofen with much limping at least 3 times a week, watching what I eat-- and lost only 10# since-- what-- August???!!
I'm ready to resort to some more extreme measures, such as starting a fasting program like Isagenix, but the part of my brain that is somewhat keen on spotting a scam has thus far overruled my desperation. I've even resorted to coercion with my hubby, with wild tales of "I'll lose 10 pounds in a week if I eat only chocolate flavored tablets and water!!!!!" And while I'm sure he'd like to see 10# less of me (and should I worry about that?), I don't even think his reptilian brain will win over the cheap genes that make up most of our genetic structure.
And although I haven't lost a great deal of weight for all my efforts, I can see much more definition in my arms, more toned muscles in my thighs and butt-- which of course, makes my flabby belly all the more noticable (maybe lipo is the answer...). I guess a flabby belly isn't the greatest weight gain tragedy, unless you consider that my belly was flat only moments after both my kids were born, and that it took a job I *hated*, not the traditional baby weight, to screw up my body for these past few years. Boo.
I *am* worried, however, that when I lose the weight for good, I'll still look like a boxy Brunhilda, just a few pounds lighter. (I come from sturdy, fat, German people, so I'm afraid that when all is said and done, I'll still look like a chub, only slightly skinnier. Does that make sense, or am I the victim of the worst Body Dysmorphic Disorder ever?)

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