Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Juice Fast...

Yes, I have succumbed to the wiles of the "21 Pounds in 21 Days" theory that you can lose obscene amounts of weight just by starving yourself for a lengthy period of time-- how novel!!
Sounds suspiciously like an eating disorder to me, but if it'll get me past that magic number I plateaued at several weeks ago, I'm all for it....

So here's the deal (and no, my fasting books haven't come to the library yet, so I'm making it up thus far. How complicated can starving yourself really be?):
1) All the freshly prepared juices I want. I just went to the store and bought a bunch of apples, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, ginger, kale, and celery. I also have a boatload of beets still in the garden that I can use. Now that Jacob discovered how amazing the apple ginger juice tastes, I may have to fight him off for use of the juicer, little booger. I have some protein powder I can use and some silky tofu to mix in if I feel the need for a little more substance in my juice (is that cheating?)
2) I'm also doing a detox/cleanse using "Nature's Secret" Ultimate Cleanse. I have been soooooo- ahem- *stanky* since I stopped the artificial sweeteners, drinking coffee and milk, etc. I can't help but wonder if I'm detoxing a little bit already, but very slooooowly. I hate being smelly, esp when I'm in Zumba class and I catch a whiff of myself-- egads! Never has this delicate flower of a woman had the stink pits (ok, the "delicate flower" is a bunch of BS, but I've really never been one to even *wear* deodorant, let alone need one).
3) Avoiding meat (meat juice? I guess that makes sense), dairy, eggs, ALCOHOL (that one alone will have me losing weight right off the bat for SURE, once I make it thru the DT's. Exactly how many kcals are in a "Chocolate City Martini" anyway? How about in 3?)

I am only going to aim for fasting from today (wed eve) to Sunday eve, since I expect to have some pretty hairy days at my new position M/T/W. My lab draws are bad enough without trying to poke people on an empty stomach. I'll just have to do my best to prepare something nutritious and avoid the evil candy buckets strategically placed in each department to make me crazy.
Anyhoo, if this works, I've already saved myself at least $100 over the Isagenix program, which makes me feel all warm inside... fresh juices would have to taste better and be more nutritious than some "food-like" tablets and another crappy shake mix. The ingredients in the Ultimate Cleanse are exactly what I've been looking for, too, and I expect that it'll work really well with the other herbal therapies I've been using.

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