Friday, October 26, 2007

Freaky Fast, day 2:

Day 2 is progressing a bit better than day 1; I'm not so hungry or spacey feeling, I have more energy... I had another blueberry smoothie this am, only I added some matcha green tea powder and some ginger to the mix-- which made it even more fabulous...
I was even able to exercise a little, doing the "Bellydance Workout" (which is really simple, anyway). I would have preferred to go to the gym, but since I'm taking all those "cleansers" (aka herbal laxatives), I'm a little afraid of leaving the house. But..... so far, nothing's happened. They say it takes 2 days at least to process the food that you've eaten prior to the fast, and this appears to be true. And, fuckaduck, I weighed a whole .5 pound less this am, only to find I'd gained it back and then some an hour later (which I know is BS, but an anecdote worth mentioning...). Whatever.

But anyway:
Can I tell you a secret?
Really-- are you sure?
OK, here goes:

I secretly can't stand it when my kids are home with me during the school year.
gasp!!! horrors!!!

It's mostly 'cause I feel obligated to find something spectacular to do with them, usually don't have any clue what to do, and then in desperation, eventually try to get them to do chores at some point in the day-- which they avoid like the plague all day long. Plus, they sleep until 11 (who can blame them), and probably don't want to do anything either-- which I think makes THEM feel guilty, for not wanting to do anything with mom. Boo. Ah! The great cycle of family guilt and obligation... it's never to early to start.

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