Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day One:

I think I've already started to cheat a bit on the juice fast... for breakfast this am, instead of juice I made a blueberry smoothie with soy yogurt, almond milk, ground flax meal, and wild blueberries-- tasty! I also had an apple for a snack and a carrot-apple-cabbage-celery-ginger-romaine juice for lunch. I'm not too hungry, but considering I've done almost NOTHING all day, that's not a huge surprise;-)
I've been waiting *all day* to hear back from a lady if she has time for me to come up and meet her 18 month old dog she's looking to adopt out. I don't want to do the puppy mess all over if I can help it, which is why I'm looking at an older dog, but I know that's what Jake wants. He wasn't super helpful with training Molly, so I'm sure that letting a puppy out in the middle of the night, dealing with chewed up shoes, etc, wasn't a big deal to him, but it was hard on me for all those months. But neither he nor I want to deal with another neurotic adult dog that bites... man! It's like a dating service, only it's for a pet you'll have for the rest of it's life. Here's to hoping it works out...

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