Saturday, May 3, 2008

Week From the Bowels of Satan:

All my recent bragging about my stress free life surely has angered the powers that be, and as such I have endured a fairly sucky week, the likes of which I hope to never revisit.
Last week it was cranky co workers, and this week it was a reillumination of the horrors of compulsory education, "Private School Edition", where I learned that even if you throw large sums of cash at a problem, it can still come 'round and bite you in the ass.
Try having a heated, serious phone discussion with the idiot on the other line that you will be consuming his balls for breakfast if he doesn't fix the problems his stupidity and laziness created-- *NOW*, while a doctor or two looks over your shoulder. Talk about stressful, especially since I've just recently gotten out of the soup at work.
And joy! The powerlessness that immersion in the middle class brings... makes you feel all warm and cozy inside that a whole class of people feel you and your offspring are disposable. But even the downtrodden can be well connected, as my friend discovered today. I may be a nobody (100% by choice) in our microscopic little town, but my people are dedicated somebodies somwhere else, even if most of them are gone and I spent a lifetime distancing myself from them.
But you never really know your worth until an organization (like the Catholic Church, par example) fixes it's gaze upon you and declares you inconsequential, and then demands payment for their trouble ($1000 to be exact). Ohwell. Let's just hope that I can get myself and dd out of this sans too much drama and controversy, and without hiring a lawyer and/or calling the papers. Man! It's just like being in high school *myself* again, which is about the very last thing I'd ever have wanted to do.

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