Monday, May 26, 2008

Today We Planted:

Elliot, brigatta, spartan blueberries (early, midseason, and late berries; hope they pollinate ok~).
Bok Choi, napa cabbage, chiogga beets. Lavender (two varieties), tarragon, sage, transplanted a stella d oro daylily, more garlic, some runner beans to climb on the chicken coop, datura (two varities), eight arbor vitae, 2 black spruce, and 3 dogwoods.
On Saturday, we tilled the chicken coop pen/yard, and spent the day broadcasting mounds of rich compost all over the property, which was stinky but oddly satisfying...
And then we planted:
squashes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, chard (the rainbow variety) some stargazer lilies that were on clearance (my favorite), a couple specimen lilies for fun (arum corunatum and ismene hymenocallis), thyme, majoram, rosemary, and a few other things... I also finally got around to digging up the bee balm out of my coop garden and got it all planted out in the prairie where it belongs.

I'm sore, and sunburned, and couldn't be happier with how everything looks.
Spring! I hope it lasts and lasts...

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