Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Viva La Menstruacion!

Ok, just when you think the world is altogether too dull, you stumble upon something really entertaining:
And I am sooooo bummed, 'cause the one I want is all sold out:-(

On a side note, I have been researching tattoo artists, not necessarily because I want one, just 'cause I apparenty have little else of substance to do since I haven't been able to sleep lately.

I've noticed that there is a distinct difference between the work that's done in Austin and what we have going on here in the Midwest. I'd say that down south the quality of art is much better, with much less dark lines and more complex use of colors. Here, most of what I've seen are traditional, old style stuff you'd expect to see on a sailor or a scary drunken biker/satan worshipper type.

Here's a wee sample of what I like:

This one is actually from the midwest; too bad I can't see it better:-)

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