Thursday, May 29, 2008


OhhhhhKayyyyyyy... who wants to go to Madison with me tomorrow? I have a hankerin' not only to visit this super cool store I've been blog stalking for over a year:

but to stuff myself on fantastic foreign foods (Thai on Willy St, Nepalese on State St, that African joint by the capital, French food, rah rah rah!). I also like Frieda's on State, but their food is only so-so-- but any place that paints larger than life reproductions of Frieda Kahlo paintings on the walls is my kind of spot, I just won't delve much further than their extensive margarita and tequila menu... wheeeeeeeeee!

I'm feeling antsy and a need to wander; must be my sassy new haircut that the sweet young girl tried to talk me out of... even Ms. Gracy pant's friends were like, "what's up with your HAIR, Grace's mommy?".
Well, truth be told, girlies, Grace's mommy needs to get her groove on, so get used to it, 'cause she's about ready to jump out her very own skin with Spring Fever and is in search of some adventure, even if it is only of the shopping and eating kind (must be why I'm broke and FAT, according to my "Health Risk Assessment" I had to do at work yesterday. Broke I can deal with, but FAT?! Egads-- nothing I can't fix, tho, with the help of my friend Ann Louise Gittleman). Maybe if I took a lovely stroll or ride on the Madison bike trail after my snacking, I'd be less likely to be a pudgy liability to my employer, tee hee).

If ya'll are up for a trip, let me know-- I'll drive and EVERYTHING... but with the Farmer's Market being open these days, mebbe Saturday would be better anyhow.
Either way-- fun people who can actually get together and do stuff, where are youuuuuuuuuuu?
This is sortof my new 'do; dark brown with bright red streaks. Fiesty!

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