Friday, May 30, 2008


I did a leeeeettle bit of something and a whooooole lot of nothing...

Since the MACRO portions of the gardens are complete, it was finally time to focus on the micro, as these are the last few details I need to complete before the weather gets hotter and I lose interest in all things garden-ey.

I planted a few sedums, sempervivium (hens and chicks), and creeping thyme in the chicken coop walkway (that was the little bit, as the plants are *teeny tiny*):

Lookin' gooooood

I also raked as much of the nepeta out of the much neglected front gardens as I could (they're the oldest and most well established, and always seem to be overlooked. Must be because there's a swamp up there, complete with scads of mosquitoes, which dims my enthusiasm a wee little bit...).
And so LORRY BE, HALLELUJAH-- stick a fork in me, I think I'm done!

The boys are sleeping in the tipi tonight, hope the skeeters don't drain em dry by morning:
And here's a little something, just for funs:
Ride 'em, CharlieCat! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee
p.s. all trips for the weekend are OFF, boo. But it looks like dd is trying to wrangle me into a trip to the motherland (Kenosha) to visit her friend. It sounds like she lives in the vicinity of the finest dining in K-Town, the Spot (!), where greazy cheezeburgers with extra pickles and grilled onions await us. The neighborhood around the Spot is fantastic, too, so between the historic downtown area with it's amazing architecture and the gigantic cemetary, I'm hoping we can get some walking in, and maybe with Ms Maggie, who could use a little city walking for a change. I hear that the Farmer's Market is up and running, so I might just get my market fix, after all:-)
Grandmere asked a few weeks ago, too, if I could take some photos of the tree planted in Isetts Park when my Grandfather died, so that'll be a nice segueway as well; I don't think Grace has been to her VERY OWN park before (we used to tell kids that it was our park when we were little-- what a bunch of snot faces we were!) I myself haven't been there in manymany years, I probably won't even recognize it.
And if we stay long enough, it would be nice to score a patio spot at Villa D Carlo's and do some quality people watching. We had a great time riding our motorcycles there about this time last year; probably one of the best family trips of the year, and by far the simplest:-)
Sooooooooo, if you see a wistful mom roaming the streets of Kenosha with an unruly puppy and three teenagers doing their best to look disaffected and bored, wave hello; as a country girl lost in the city, I'll try my very hardest not to look too wierded out-- I promise.

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