Sunday, January 21, 2007

One Week Later..

I had really hoped to blog more this week, but life always seems to get in the way... I think mothers tend to run themselves ragged with the best of intentions (whilst the fathers relax on the couch. grr).
Anyhoo, I've been jonesing to get on the blog and write down my thoughts, as if seeing them in print will somehow make them more clear (and more likely to stick to them?)
I was offered another job this week-- one of my (many) pathologies. I love love love to apply for and interview for jobs, esp when I start to get bored/dissatisfied with the one(s) I have. So I work 3-4 jobs, get run down, freak out, melt down, and drop a few of them--only to start back up a few weeks later. I must have worked 13+ days in a row a few times in the last couple months (which really sucked, btw). Do I do it to talk my mind off the doldrums in my life (I hate the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas bleck fest)?
I really need to resolve to make it work with one job, to take ownership of one aspect of the world and master it, once and for all. And just for the record: I'm not so much one to "run" from my problems/conflict, etc, as much as I have an uncanny ability to "detatch" from them and walk away with nary a second thought. (Pathology # 2? Again, one of my favorites!)

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