Monday, January 29, 2007

Late night drunken ramblings..

Ah! Some time off tomorrow AM, how wonderful! I worked 9.5 hours today, which was nice to make up extra time I won't be getting anymore at the Walk In. I am finally feeling the possibility of detaching somewhat from my kids/husband, that they won't shrivel and die without my constant presence, and it is incredibly liberating.
On the work note:
I'm not used to having clients who "decline" (so to speak), so today was very sad, as I had a frequent flier today who was walking and talking and grumping at me last week, but who couldn't recognize me today. Last week he threatened me with his cane (in a friendly way--- he knows I could take him!), and this week, he's in restraints. It'll take some time to get used to that. Most of my clients are in the last stages of their lives, and I do feel privileged to share this time with them... they are all awesome older adults who have lived incredible lives-- but what I can see most clearly is that in the end, you are all alone, with only yourself to keep entertained with the resources you have. A lot of the folks I see seem relatively disappointed in their families; I don't know-- sometimes I think we invest too much in them, only to be left alone when it really matters. I think if you can draw people to yourself at any stage of your life; random, everyday people-- you will never feel alone. I love to chitty chat with people.

I am so totally going to make these cupcakes for my last day at the Walk In tomorrow (at least for the entire freaking month of FEBRUARY-- I am so bummed!) :

I am always trying to win the staff over with treats, but most all the ladies are among the diet boo- hooers (give it up! you'll never be thin in this occupation!) and rarely eat my amazing confections. Or, they eat one, and cry about how fat they are, instead of lauding what a culinary genius I am (tee hee). bitches.
I could seriously use some chocolate RIGHT NOW, but other than downing 1/4 bag of mini chocolate chips, there isn't much out there. Diet cocoa is good, but only if you make it with milk and eat some chocolate chips first (a good handfull).

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