Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dinner Party!

Yes, at the ripe age of 36 (almost 37...), I hosted my first Dinner Party!!!!! In true Cyndi fashion, there was no guest list, no planning-- just the stirrings of an idea before coffee on an early Saturday morning. I called a couple people, had no ideas, mulled it around, and ultimately decided to have a few people over for drinks.
Still no ideas, I putzed around most of the morning, pretty much forgot about it-- didn't hear back from anyone, wasn't sure what was going on... then about 1 pm EVERYone I called said they could come, what was the plan, etc and etc. Whoops!
So at 2pm, I dropped Gracie pants off at her bass lesson, picked up a couple "Everyday Food" magazines from the library (which ROCK, btw), and picked out a few recipes. I still had about 45 minutes to kill, so I ran in to the Pick n Save and started throwing the menus together: Chicken tostadas on white corn tortillas with homemade salsa fresca and salsa verde; a pinto bean, corn, and avocado salad, pea and avocado guac with pita chips, and margaritas. I had no dessert planned, but figured it probably wouldn't be necessary.
About 20 minutes before anyone showed up, I still hadn't showered, I looked a fright-- but I had a dessert epiphany: I would cut up the little cakes I made the other day and had no plans for, make some dark chocolate ganache, cut up some strawberries, and serve it with fresh whipped cream whipped up with some Ghiradhelli cafe mocha powder sort of like a parfait (oh yeah!).
The food was fabulous, the conversation was quite nice, and the dessert was a hit. Wahoo!
I drank perhaps a bit too much, and had a hangover this am. Being the slacker i am, I of course blew off church-- and to illustrate what a bad mom I am: as Jacob #2 was leaving the house with dad en route to Church, he asked why asn't going. So I told him "mommy isn't going to church because she has a hangover". To which Jacob promptly stated that he was going to tell his Sunday School class. Feeling no shame, I replied: "good. maybe they'll pray for me and my hangover will go away quicker."

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