Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things That are a Gigantic Waste of $$:

1) Joining gyms/health clubs. It's fun for a while, but then the GUILT is a killer, esp when you only go once a week.
2) Getting $30 hair rinses.
3) Expensive hobbies, such as $80++ maple syrup equipment that leads to a $12 quart of syrup.
4) Private school for your resident non -scholar (this one is debatable)
5) Conferences like BOW, etc. I am so not the joiner/participator.
6) Blockbuster movies. Hellllooooo, movies from the li-ba-rar-y are FREE.
7) Endless blogging on the JT site (not exactly a waste of $, but energy; time better spent living life instead of reflecting on it to a faceless audience)

I'm sure there's more... I'll have to add to it as life hands me more examples:-)

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