Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15

The weather's been quite nice these past few days, upper 40's, low 50's... the massive piles of snow have been melting quickly, turning the yard into these odd, floating, glacier type structures (the water is flowing underneath the ice, never seen that before).
The gardens were finally exposed, and a bit of ground heave must have happened-- some of the bulbs are completely out of the ground, and quite a few are already sending up shoots. It looks like the daffodills were already blooming at the end of this month, but no obvious signs of the daffs coming up just yet.
We lost a chicken a couple weeks ago during our Austin trip; too bad she couldn't hang on for the warmer weather. She was one of the older girls, I'm surprised we haven't lost more of them this year.
Steak and BJ day was a huge success! We went to the meat market out in Elkhorn yesterday at the LAST minute to pick up some localy raised steaks. They were *by far* the best steaks we have ever eaten, bar none! Jake barely grilled them, so they were quite rare, and they cut like butter and tasted divine. I also bought a large bag of meat, burger and etc, I'm looking forward to some juicy burgers, my long time arch nemesis of vegetarianism. I'll have to stop back up in a few weeks and pick up some more; hopefully I can convince Jake to make the leap and get 1/4 cow for the freezer. Otherwise, nooooo more meat for this girl, I'm moving towards a more vegetarian diet anyway... I just can't support such a toxic industry for a product I barely like, anyway.

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