Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15, cont.

I had a luv-er-lee day, spending 5 *freaking* hours at the Vicci salon with ms. gracy pants getting her $80 'do. Sheesh! I got a $30 color rinse that I could have paid a whole $8 from the Walgreens for, but I guess it was nice to have a hand and scalp massage, probably made it worth the cost:-) I loves me some pampering! I also had the great fun of picking up a super cool piece of Redwing pottery, a very odd looking vase from the 50's. It's slightly broken, but still the coolest $1.99 vase I've seen in a long time. Besides, it saves me and mine the trouble of breaking it, a highly likely inevitability.
I'm in the midst of wathing a really nice movie, "August Rush"; it's a sweet tale about hope in the midst of brokenness. Life should always have happy endings.
The snow is almost gone (no love lost there), so I *finally* spread the 5 gallon bucket of prairie seeds I harvested in the fall back into the prairie in hopes that it will snow at least once more to press them down into the soil. It's funny, tho-- since the snow is gone, I can see the seed heads I broadcast *before* the snow fell (and we had a LOT), and they look as if they were never buried at all for months under the tremedous weight of the winter. I just hope that the seeds don't get croaked in the cold, frosty weather that's sure to come at least a few more times, but I just can't imagine that it would happen... the other seeds live under the snow and do great. Maybe I should mow them in to break up the seedheads and get them closer to the soil? Who knows...I'm surely no botanist...
I broke down and bought some maple tapping supplies the other day-- as if I can't get myself more deeply in debt:-( Jacob expressed an interest in tapping the 20 some trees on our property, and who am I to squelch a fleeting childhood curiosity? Lord knows I'm still full of them myself, as much as I try to pretend I'm old and cynical... Jake was none too thrilled, as I'm sure he saw this as one more strange thing I'll wrangle him into against his will (poor guy;-) But it'll be fun. And even tho we only have silver maples, I know our syrup will be tasty.
And ours.
Which is the coolest thing of all...
I also finally got around to mucking out the chicken coop, poor stinky girls. I don't have any idea *why* the coop would be soooooo caked with wet bedding, but it is. And it was HARD to scrape out of there... I love cleaning the coop, I love being outside, especially in weather like today's: Jacob rode his bike, jumped on the trampoline, went for a walk with ms. maggie-- me, I picked up slimy mountains of dog poop that were once buried by the snow and shoveled chicken nasties, but I couldn't have been more thrilled to be doing it.
(I'd love living in Austin better, but I'll take whatever bonuses of living in the north that I can in an effort to keep from losing my mind in the interim until I become a resident of the south again as God intended...)
I'm off all of next week, unless I get called in. Here's to hoping I can get the Austin account down in my time off, here's to more fantastic vegetarian cooking. I made some (natural) chicken stir fry with a coconut-peanut sauce tonight with asian veggies and bean thread noodles. I thought I had soba noodles left in the cupboard, but they magically disappeared, boo. The bean noodles were interesting, almost looked like something that would crawl out somebody's butt (sorry! I really am...), but once you blocked that unpleasant thought from your mind, they weren't too bad. Probably have NO nutritional value, but didn't make you gag otherwise;-O
ttfn, Lillith Lunch tomorrow with the blogging gals-- here's to hoping none are axe murderers (which would suck).

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