Friday, March 21, 2008

Lazy Day:

I was off all week again, running around like a crazy person (running in circles, primarily)... but today I dragged my butt out of bed at 6am to head off to work at 7.
In the meantime, the sky opened up for no good reason and has been steadily dumping scads of snow upon our beloved spring, such that it is no longer recognizable-- boo.
Yesterday I was hanging out in a t-shirt, contemplating a motorcycle ride, today my feet are blocks of ice after stepping into an impressive snowbank with my work clogs on. Brrrrrrrr!
As such, I'm hanging out in bed with the heater turned WAAAAAAY up in hopes of thawing out the tootsies. I'm wide awake (loves me those new vitamins, good good stuff!), not a nap in sight, but it's refreshing to be chilling out doing not so much vs the frantic rush of "finding something to do", over and over again. In fact, as a testament to my laziness, I have discovered a new training activity for the dog, one I'll bet you'd never find it the training manuals: Maggie has forgotten how to play fetch over the winter, so I'm lounging in bed tossing bits of cheezy pops (the organic kind, as if it matters...) out into the hallway, using the "back" command. How very industrious, to use my slacker time to train the dog. See, if there was ever a way to be lazy *and* productive, I knew I'd find it;-)

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